Transformation & Empowerment Coach

My intention and passion is to work with your energetic centers, balancing your chakras,

balancing your mind, body, and soul, so you can feel like YOU,

the authentic beautiful soul that you are!


Heather has been on a soul journey figuring out what her purpose is since a little girl.  She was born in South Africa.  As a teenager, dealing with bullies, being sexually abused, having anxiety and depression, dealing with bomb threats, and losing friends and family to violence, she often found solace, peace and calm being outdoors on the beach listening to the waves or walking through the forests.

When her father past away unexpectedly in 2012, her spiritual journey was heighted, she became aware of numerology when her father passed away at the time of 16:16pm.  Since that day, she has been seeing duplication of numbers.  This was the start of her healing her past.  In 2015 - 2017 she studied Usui Reiki I, II, III/Masters, and has been teaching as well as using Reiki to help others on their journey.  She became a Soul Coaching Practitioner ® in 2017.  Became a Certified Crystal Healer in 2019.  She became an Access Consciousness - Bars Practitioner in 2019.  She became a Raindrop Technique ® Practitioner in 2018.

Heather offers a variety of holistic wellness services that all work together to keep your mind, body and spirit in alignment and balanced. She has been helping clients walk their journey and heal their trauma, limited beliefs and old paradigms.  

As we go through life, our life experiences, the stresses of day-to-day living, all add to emotional, mental, and physical clutter in our bodies, and these build up over time causing blocks that prevents the universal energy (chi) flowing through us in an optimum way. As time goes on, our bodies begin to break down, and illness and pain sets in; our energy becomes imbalanced.

Book a session with Heather, in a relaxed, safe, place where you can allow you to be you and trust your inner wisdom and listen to those soul whispers that are meant just for you, all with ease and grace.  Come clear and balance your body's energy, especially with all the stresses we are all experiencing with this Covid-19.  Our emotions effect our physical bodies, so it is good to clear and balance your energy centers regularly! 

Blessings and Love Always ♥ 




Where intention goes,
energy flows!

~ Denise Linn ~