Each Chakra has it's own vibrational frequency, colour, and it's own nerve plexi connected to organs, glands, body functions, hormones, tissues, cells, chemistry, and emotions.  

As we go through life, our life experiences, the stresses of day to day life, all add to emotional, mental and physical clutter in our bodies and these build up over time causing blocks within our bodies, that prevent the universal energy (chi) flowing through us in an optimum way.  As time goes on, our bodies begin to break down, illness sets in and may experience symptoms like fatigue and depression; our energy becomes imbalanced.

Crystal Therapy Treatment will be a wonderful way to awaken and align your body with this rejuvenating and relaxing time with crystals being a tool to help balance and clear your chakras/energy centers.  Sound healing may be added to the sessions.  


Take time for the beautiful soul that you are, look after your energetic, physical, mental and emotional body in a safe, clean space.   


I have been intrigued with crystals for many years, always felt a connection with them. 


Crystals have a vibrational signature, they are voltage increases and are great tools for us to use to bring the body back into balance, and alignment.  

Crystals are a great health and wellness tool to help support, amplify and activate our chakras, bringing them back into harmony and balance.

When a chakra is healthy, you feel joy, peace, harmony, gratitude and when a chakra is out of balance, you have a variety of symptoms and you just feel "off".  

If the chakras are blocked, over time it gets denser and denser until it leads to physical ailments which lead to pain within the body.

Each chakra has its own vibration frequency, colour and its own nerve plexi with it's own organs, glands, body functions, hormones, tissues, cells, chemistry and emotions. 

Disease manifests in our electromagnetic field and if not addressed energetically, it will manifest into our physical bodies 


I love working with crystals and sound healing to bring the chakras back into balance.   

**Working with crystals, doesn't mean I am a disease-care professional

**Working with crystals is a tool to keep the body balanced and healthy

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