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Date:  tba

Time:  tba

Location:  Calgary, Alberta

Price:  $20

Included will be healing elixir (natural spring water, crystals charged under the moon light) as well as a roll-on gift & crystals that will help you balance, re-align while we connect to Mother nature.

       Nature gives us a sense of calm & comfort

Ever since a little girl being outdoors always had a sense of comfort for me. The sounds of the forest, the wind rustling through the trees, the sunlight beaming through the trees leaving this beautiful ray of sunshine that was majestic.  Smelling the trees, the grass and fresh air.  Listening to the sounds of the river babbling over the rocks all give a sense of calm and comfort.

Being in nature can restore our mood.  We can feel rejuvenated after being outdoors in nature. An awesome natural way to work on our health and wellness.

So maybe you have asked yourself, what makes us feel so good after being outdoors in nature.....

Allow me to take you on an amazing journey through the environmental connections, connecting your senses and bringing you back to calm & comfort.  Relieve ourselves from all the "techno stresses" surrounding ourselves daily with all the technology.  Techno stress symptoms include anxiety, headaches, neck & eye strain, mental fatigue, depression, frustration, irritability and temper.

Being outdoors doing this Environmental Connection, will bring you back to being present, de-stress and relax.  This in turn will help with:

* blood pressure

* lower stress

* blood sugar levels 

* lift depression

* improve your energy

* boost your immune system


The forest, nature is full of phytoncides that are natural oils within the plants and the trees defense system.  More information will be shared when you join me connecting with nature.