Soul Coaching Collages®

The Creation of a Soul Coaching Collage® is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you.  Your soul's voice can be heard through the images, feelings, and insights that surface from creating this kind of collage!  Layer after layer of deeply hidden messages about who you are and whom you are becoming can be uncovered in this powerful soulful process. Also, it can dramatically increase your ability to manifest your dreams 

This time will be spent with a guided meditation, time to reflect and let your creativity shine, then an explanation that deepens your awareness to your inner self.

Here is an example of the Soul Coaching Collages, which is similar to a Vision Board.  Great manifesting tool.  

Vision Board, Dream Board

Date:  tba

Time:  tba

Location:  Calgary, Alberta

Price:  $60

High-quality materials, healthy snacks and beverages included.

Soul Coaching® Spirit Stick Workshop

Creating a Soul Coaching® Spirit Stick, is a way to open the door to the voice of spirit within.  This is an insightful workshop that adds an element of nature to the creative process.  Creating a Soul Coaching® Spirit Stick can also open a connection to the spiritual realms and ancestral connections, helps you connect within.  

Spirit Sticks can be used in mediation, on your alter or on display in your home to encourage good energy flow.

This time will be spent with a guided mediation, soul journey, oracle card reading and sharing our inspirational creations. 

All supplies are included.  You are welcome to bring something special to add to your Soul Coaching® Spirit Stick, but not necessary.

Different types of spirit sticks can be created as you can see by the picture on the right.  

It is a lot of fun!

Spirit Stick, Gratitude Stick

Date:  tba

Time:  tba

Location:  Calgary, Alberta

Price:  $50

High-quality materials, healthy snack and beverages are included