Kind Words

I recently received my Reiki Master/Trainer through Heather and it was a beautiful and enlightening experience!  Her space is very comfortable and has great and positive energy to work in that to me is very important.  She is very knowledgeable, enlightened, and a great teacher!  When she was facilitating the attunement I didn’t want her to take my hands off me, I didn’t want the energy to stop, which is why I know I will be seeing Heather again for healing sessions!  I highly recommend Heather for Reiki training and healing sessions.



With Gratitude xo



Dalyn Sjogren

Nuture your Skin, Love your Beauty and Bring Peace to your Soul

Certified Makeup Artist, Clinical Aesthetician & Reiki Practitioner



I have never connected with anyone as quickly as I have with Heather. She carries herself with such grace and joy that you will find yourself drawn to her energy. With Heather's life experience and open communication style, she is an excellent choice for a Soul Coaching® Practitioner to work with. Heather is very honest and genuine; her feedback makes you comfortably reflect on yourself and your life path with an open heart. Having Heather as your Soul Coach is a choice you will never regret.

Jessica Johnson
Soul Coaching® Practitioner


I had the great pleasure of getting to know Heather as we were both studying to be practitioners of Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Program. Heather is a very compassionate soul who wants others to succeed and thrive in the spiritual and physical aspects of their lives. She is genuine and honest and you feel love just pouring out of her. Don't hesitate to sign up as her client!

Guylaine Labossière

Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


It was an immense joy to be able to participate in the Soul Coaching® Practitioner course with Heather my very dear friend whom I’ve known for several years and learn this beautiful work alongside each other.


Over the years, I’ve come to know that Heather is a genuine soul with a remarkable gift to connect at a very deep and profound level.  


Her warmth and support as a friend has extended to her talents and capability as a coach.  Her sincere desire to support your growth and her ability to connect with anyone is a testament to her authentic and compassionate nature.  


Heather holds a place for you to share your soul, without judgement or fear. Her mischievous smile and playful spirit helps you attend to your personal growth with a light and fun approach.  


Her soothing spirit and camaraderie makes working with Heather a gift, you will come to know her as a friend as well.  


Renuka Mohan

Soul Coaching® Practitioner, CCF

Calgary, Alberta